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Overtime Hockey Talk

Aug 25, 2017

The Metropolitan division may be the strongest top-to-bottom division in the NHL, but did they get weaker because of free agency and cap issues? Find out where your favorite metropolitan team ended up in our rankings. As well, defensemen from yesterday and today are ranked within their respective era. Find out if Jonathan Ericsson made the cut! (Hint: he didn't).

Show Notes

Intro & Outro Music

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0:00 - Introduction

Metropolitan Division Offseason Review

1:20 - Pittsburgh Penguins

7:05 - Columbus Blue Jackets

12:15 - New York Islanders

17:45 - New Jersey Devils

22:24 - New York Rangers

29:45 - Washington Capitals

37:00 - Philadelphia Flyers

42:15 - Carolina Hurricanes

47:15 - Metropolitan Division Rankings

Top 5 Defensemen in each Era

Original Six - 

Mark's Top 5

  1. Eddie Shore - Hart Trophy x4, 1st team AS x7, 2nd team AS x1, SC x2 
  2. Doug Harvey - Norris x7, 1st Team AS x10 (2nd team x1), SC x6 (also helped setup NHLPA, blacklisted and sent to the Rangers. After 17 years in NHL, Played in minor leagues for 5 seasons and came back to play for the Blues in 68-69). 
  3. Pierre Pilote - Norris x3 (runner up x3), 1st Team AS x4, 2nd Team AS x3, SC x1 
  4. Red Kelly - SC x8, 1st team AS x6, 2nd team AS x2, Lady Byng x4, most SC's for any player never to play for Habs.  
  5. Tim Horton - 1st AS x3, 2nd team AS x3, SC x4 

Just missed: King Clancy 

Justin's Top 5
Just missing the cut: Doug Mohns - BOS // CHI (710 pts in 1390 games), Tim Horton - TOR

(5) King Clancy - OTT // TOR

  • 5’ 7” and 155 lbs. He was fast and moved the puck. More offensive than most D at the time
  • 1923 SCF Game 2 vs. Edmonton Eskimos, first player to play all positions in one game
  • 6 SCF Appearances with 3 Wins, including Toronto’s first ever cup (1932)
  • 4 All Star Games, retired as the highest scoring Dman (136/143/279), and 11 season as a Ref

(2) Eddie Shore - BOS

  • 4 Hart Trophies (top 3 7x), 2 Stanley Cups, 8 All-Star Appearances
  • First season with Boston, NHL record 130 PIMs, scored 12 goals (> top 3 forwards combined)
  • 1939 Season, was player-owner of AHL Springfield Indians and played for NHL NY Americans
  • Almost arrested for Manslaughter (warrant was written) when he checked Ace Bailey from behind causing a brain fracture, almost killing him.  NHL suspended him for 16 games.

(3) Red Kelly - DET // TOR

  • 4 time Lady Byng winner, won first ever Norris Trophy (1954), 8 Stanley Cups, 8 All Star
  • 1959-60 Season traded to Toronto and was moved to center to match up against Beliveau, which helped Toronto win 4 cups (same as in Detroit).
  • Finished career with (281/542/823), first full year at center in TOR 70 pts in 64 games
  • Won more cups than any other non-canadian

(4) Pierre Pilote - CHI

  • 1 Stanley Cup, 3 Norris Trophies, 8x All Star
  • 1961 scored the winning or tying goal in every victory for the Hawks
  • 1964-65 set NHL with 59 pts by a Dman
  • 3 straight Norris Trophies, only others to do so were Orr, Lidstrom, and Harvey
  • 80/418/498 in 890 games

(1) Doug Harvey - MTL

  • 7x Norris Trophy, 11x All Star, 6x Stanley Cup (including 5 straight 56-60)
  • 88/452/540 in 1113 games
  • Quaterbacked such a dangerous PP in MTL, that in 1956 NHL rule changed to allow player to return to the ice if a goal was scored
  • Spent late years of his life living in a railway car, once used for the PM of Canada
  • Passed the puck up ice better than anyone, creating multiple odd-man rushes versus trying to skate it out of the zone like Orr or Coffey, rarely would turn the puck over (often considered the best game manager)


Mark's Top 5

  1. Bobby Orr - Norris x8, 1st team AS x8 in a row Art Ross x2 (only d-man), Hart x3, Conn Smythe x2, SC x2, only player to win all 4 in one season, highest single season +/- +124, was never less than +30. 4th in ppg 1.393 & highest dman.  
  2. Ray Bourque - Norris x5, 1st Team AS x13 (most ever), 2nd team AS x6, 4th all-time in assists 1,169 (most for dmen), 11th all-time in points 1,579 (most for dmen), Career leader in shots on goal (6,206) nearly one thousand ahead of the second Marcel Dionne. Calder trophy, Lester Patrick in 2003. 3rd all-time in playoff assists and 10th in points. SC x1 
  3. Paul Coffey - Norris x3, 1st team AS x4, 2nd team AS x4, 13th all-time points, most goals by a d-man in one season 48, 7-80 point seasons…most PIM by a 1000 point d-man, SC x4 
  4. Denis Potvin - Norris x3, 1st team AS x5, 2nd team AS x2, SC x4, when he retired he had every d-man record… 
  5. Larry Robinson - Norris x2, Conn Smythe x1, him and Lidstrom tied for most consecutive playoff seasons with 20…SC x6, 1st & 2nd team AS x3 each 

Justin's Top 5
Just missing the cut: Borje Salming - TOR (787 pts in 1148 games), Serge Savard - MTL (439 pts in 1040 games)

(5) Brad Park - NYR // BOS

  • 8x Norris Runner-Up (2nd Place), 5x 1st All Star (9 games played), Masterson Trophy
  • Went to the playoffs every single year he played (17)
  • 213/683/896 +358 in 1113 games
  • 125 pts in 161 playoff games

(4) Paul Coffey - EDM // DET

  • 3x Norris Trophy, 14x All Star Games (4x 1st Team), 4x Stanley Cup
  • NHL Record Most Goals in a season by D-man, NHL Record most career playoff points by D-man
  • Fastest D-man to 1000 points, led D-man in scoring 8 different seasons
  • 5-100 point seasons, 396/1135/1531 +294 in 1409 games

(3) Dennis Potvin - NYI

  • 310/742/1052 +460 in 1060 games played
  • First Dman to eclipse 300 goals and 1000 points
  • Calder Trophy, 3x Norris, 9x All Star (5x 1st, 2x 2nd), 4x Stanley Cup
  • First season, NYI climbed 26 points in the standings, and reduced GA by 100 goals
  • Retired at 35 after a 51 point season, claiming his game was slipping

(2) Larry Robinson “Big Bird” - MTL

  • 208/750/958 +730 in 1384 games
  • 2x Norris Trophy, 1x Conn Smythe, 6x Stanley Cup
  • 10x All Star (3x 1st team)
  • No. 24 in Hockey News’ Top 100 of all time

(1) Bobby Orr - BOS

  • 270/645/915 +597 in 657 games
  • Revolutionized “offensive” D-men
  • 7 All Star Games played (8x 1st All Star)
  • 2x Stanley Cup, 8x Norris Trophy, Calder, 2x Conn Smythe, 2x Art Ross, 3x Hart, 1x Ted Lindsay
  • Youngest ever in the HOF at 31 (played 12 seasons til 30 years old)

Dead Puck

Mark's Top 5

Dead Puck (1994-2005) 

  1. Nicklas Lidstrom - Norris x7 (16 straight seasons in top 6 for Norris voting), 1st team AS x10, 2nd team AS x2, Conn Smythe x1, Olympic Gold x1, SC x4  
  2. Chris Pronger - Norris x`1, Hart x1, SC x1 & Bud Light NHL Plus/Minus Award 98 & 2000. 
  3. Chris Chelios - Norris x3, 1st team AS x5, 2nd team AS x2, SC x3, most games played by d-man 1651, Budlight +/- 2002 
  4. Scott Neidermayer - Norris x1, Conn Smythe x1, SC x4, 1st team AS x3, 2nd team x1 
  5. Al MacInnis - Norris x1, 1st team AS x4, 2nd team AS x3, Conn Smythe x1, SC x1, 3rd all-time in defensemen goals, assists and points, won the Norris at 36 years old. 
  6. Brian Leetch - Norris x2, 1st team AS x2, 2nd team AS x3, SC x1, Conn Smythe x1, Calder x1, last d-man with 100 point season 

Just missed: Vladimir Konstantinov, Rob Blake, Scott Stevens 

Justin's Top 5
Just missing the cut: Chris Pronger - STL // ANA (157/541/698 +183 1x Norris & Hart), Scott Stevens - NJ (196/712/908 +393)

(5) Scott Niedermayer - NJ // ANA

  • 4x Stanley Cup, 1x Norris Trophy, 1x Conn Smythe
  • 172/568/740 +167 in 1263 games played
  • 5x All Star (3x 1st Team)

(4) Chris Chelios - DET // CHI // MTL

  • Played til he was 48 yrs old (second oldest ever), traded to DET for 2 first rounders at 37 yrs old
  • 185/763/948 +350 in 1651 games played
  • 3x Norris Trophy, 3x Stanley Cup, 11x All Star (6x 1st Team)

(3) Brian Leetch - NYR

  • First American born Conn Smythe winner
  • 2x Norris Trophy, 1x Stanley Cup, 10x All-Star (2x 1st Team), Calder
  • Gold Medal captain of 96 World Cup USA
  • 247/781/1028 +571 in 1205 games played
  • NHL record 23 goals by a defenseman in rookie year
  • Only American born defensemen to score 100 points in a season

(2) Ray Bourque - BOS

  • Original no. was 7, worn also by great- Phil Esposito, switched when BOS retired it
  • 410/1169/1579 +528 in 1612 games played
  • 19x All Star (13x 1st Team) most all time (and every year of career it was held), Calder, King Clancy, 5x Norris (runner-up 6x), 1x Stanley Cup
  • NHL leader in goals and points by a D-man

(1) Nicklas Lidstrom - DET

  • 264/878/1142 +450 in 1564 games played
  • 12x All Star Games (10x 1st Team), 4x Stanley Cup, 7x Norris Trophy, Conn Smythe
  • First European born and trained captain to win Cup, and reach 1000 pts
  • NHL record highest +/- postseason +61
  • Oldest player to record first hat-trick 40 yrs, 210 days
  • Oldest Norris winner 41 yrs, 57 days

Salary Cap

Mark's Top 5

Salary Cap (2005-current) 

  1. Erik Karlsson - Norris x2 (runner-up x2), 1st team AS x4,  
  2. Zdeno Chara - Norris x1, 1st team AS x3, 2nd team AS x4, SC x1 
  3. Duncan Keith - Norris x2, 1st team AS x2, 2nd team AS x1, SC x3, 2 Olympic Golds, unanimous Conn Smythe winner 
  4. Drew Doughty - Norris x1, 1st team AS x1, 2nd team AS x2, SC x2,  
  5. PK Subban - Norris x1, 1st team AS x2

Justin's Top 5

(5) Zdeno Chara - BOS

  • 188/416/604 +218 in 1350 games played
  • 6x All Star (3x 1st Team), 1x Norris, 1x Stanley Cup

(4) Marc-Edward Vlasic - SJ

  • 53/201/254 +129 in 812 games played

(3) Erik Karlsson - OTT

  • 117/339/456 -12 in 556 games played
  • 2x Norris, 4x All Star (4x 1st Team)

(2) Duncan Keith - CHI

  • 90/421/511 +172 in 913 games played
  • 4x All Star (2x 1st Team), 2x Norris, 1x Conn Smythe, 3x Stanley Cup

(1) Drew Doughty - LAK

  • 92/270/362 +70 in 688 games played
  • 1x Norris, 2x Stanley Cup, 3x All Star (1x 1st Team)

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